Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

PERKPotions understands the necessity of protecting the privacy of your data when you visit our website. The following outlines how we protect your personal information collected with your visit to our site. PERKPotions may update our statement on occasion as new programs, services and processes are implemented.

PERKPotions does not collect information, including email addresses, from you without asking first. In some instances, we may request you to supply information personally, which could include contact information like your email, street address, phone number or other information. This serves to personalize your visit to our site to make it more beneficial for you. It is completely voluntary for you to provide this information, but when you do, we make the assumption you have agreed to our use of that data under accordance with this privacy policy.

PERKPotions does not intentionally use, collect or disclose patient information on its website that is personally identifiable. You should not post information on our website that could be used to identify you. If we discover we have personal information, we will begin the process to delete the date as quickly as possible.

You must be at least 18 years old to receive permission from us to use our website. We will not intentionally or knowingly collect personally identifiable information about visitors under the age of 18.


When Information is Provided

When you share information with us voluntarily, that is implied consent for the collection and use of your data by our practice. PERKPotions will not rent or sell personal data we collect on this website to anyone.

PERKPotions may offer the option to register or purchase products online. During the transaction, it is possible that personal information will be collected. If that is the case, we may share that information with other parties to accommodate support services like credit card authorization or fulfillment of your order. By voluntarily giving us that information, you give PERKPotions permission to provide your data to the third parties that provide these services. You also agree not to hold PERKPotions responsible for any of the actions or omissions of these third parties.

PERKPotions may also collect non-personal information provided by your browser when you request a page view from your server. This information may include your browser time, IP address and access times. PERKPotions ® uses this information for supporting website operations and to evaluate traffic patterns for our website.

Some of the statistics PERKPotions may collect and use includes volume, traffic patterns, referral sources, login activity and other information related to our website to support our operations. The information may be shared with third parties, but will not include personally identifiable data of any kind. PERKPotions may disclose information in special cases where required, such as:

  1. Follow legal requirements;
  2. Defend or protect our property and rights;
  3. Enforce our Terms and Conditions of Use;
  4. Protect our users’ interests.

Occasionally, PERKPotions may be required by law enforcement or the legal system to provide personal information to the appropriate authorities. This information will be disclosed with a court order, subpoena or to otherwise cooperate with an investigation conducted by law enforcement. PERKPotions reserves the right to report activities we believe to be unlawful to the proper authorities or law enforcement agencies.

PERKPotions reserves the right to send mail or email regarding products or services to the personal information you have voluntarily provided. If you do not wish to receive these communications, we will provide instructions to easily indicate that desire as well.