No 1 Vanish: Silicone Scar Recovery Gel

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A medical-grade silicone scar gel formulated with a proprietary blend of naturally derived ingredients that are clinically proven to support scar healing and promote optimal wound healing. No 1 Vanish: Silicone Scar Recovery Gel provides a breathable and protective shield over fresh wounds and post procedure skin.

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The hero ingredient of scar therapy, medical-grade silicone, has been well established and clinically proven to improve the appearance of scars by increasing skin hydration––resulting in a softer and flatter scar. Potent antioxidants such as Green Tea polyphenols and Vitamin E help to soothe the scar tissue. Recommended for all skin types. Medical grade. Clinically tested. Naturally derived. Not tested on animals. Fragrance free. Dye free. Sulfate free. Paraben free. Gluten free. Oil Free. Alcohol free. Non-comedogenic. Hypoallergenic. Made in the USA in a FDA Registered lab.

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Apply a thin layer 2-3 times daily to the scar or wounds as soon as the wounds have healed or the sutures have been removed. Continue scar gel application until the scar matures and appears flat and white. For optimal results, always wear a daily sunscreen SPF 30 or higher over the scar. May be applied immediately post procedure. May be used with scar dressing. NOT recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Key Ingredients

Medical-grade silicone, Glycerine, Bromelain, Papain, Green Tea Polyphenols, Vitamin E, Allantoin

1 review for No 1 Vanish: Silicone Scar Recovery Gel

  1. rae47

    I can already see a difference on my scar! Lightening and reduced redness in just days.

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